The Mouse Pointer Disappears when Moved off the Side of the Document in WordStar for Windows

In WordStar for Windows the mouse pointer may become invisible when moved outside the page boundary when in Page Editor view. This can occur whenever the mouse pointer is between the 'paper' of the document and the document window edge (in the illustration below the pointer may not be visible in the grey area to the right of the document).


Some systems experience a Windows general Protection Fault (GPF) when the WordStar for Windows How-To Guide written by Judy Miner is paged through around page 49. The actual page number varies, probably due to the system's default printer and paper size settings.

This problem seems to be caused by the layout at the bottom of the page where the GRAPHICS section starts. The bottom of the page is formatted as follows:


After installing Adobe Acrobat 4, printing a WordStar for Windows document to the Acrobat Distiller causes a Windows general protection Fault (GPF).

This is caused because the default installation directory for Adobe Acrobat 4 uses Windows 9x long file names. WordStar for Windows doesn't understand these and crashes.


WordStar for Windows Mail Merge Doesn't Retain Special Characters (accents, true apostrophes, em dashes, etc.).

Using mail merge addresses, or other data, looses true apostrophes, em dashes, and accents from characters, etc. This is because, by default, WordStar for Windows uses the DOS OEM character set for mail merge imports and this character set does not support these characters.


Some wheel mouse drivers don't provide all the signals necessary for older software to recognise the wheel function.


One solution is to try different brands of wheel-mice. Reports indicate that the problem only occurs with Microsoft wheel-mice and that Logitech versions work correctly.


WordStar for Windows Y2K millennium bug details and solutions