When first starting WordStar for Windows, or creating a new document the default font is incorrect.


This can happen if the file paths and names for the WordStar for Windows default document template have become corrupted. This can happen after a reinstallation of Microsoft Windows, restoring WordStar for Windows from a backup but forgetting to also restore the files held in the Windows directory (folder), or following a program crash or disk corruption.


Check the file paths to the templates directory in the Edit, Preferences menu.

  1. Click Edit, and then click Preferences
  2. Make sure the Document optionis selected.
  3. Ensure that the three Directory entries are correct for your installation.

    By defaut these are:

    1. C:\WSWIN\DOCS

  4. Ensure your normal default template is selected in the list of available templates:

       By default this is called default.wst

  5. Then click OK to confirm any changes.