When first starting WordStar for Windows, or creating a new document the default font is incorrect.


This can happen if the file paths and names for the WordStar for Windows default document template have become corrupted. This can happen after a reinstallation of Microsoft Windows, restoring WordStar for Windows from a backup but forgetting to also restore the files held in the Windows directory (folder), or following a program crash or disk corruption.


Problems that can occur if the wsw.ini file is missing or damaged include the wrong default font or template being used by WordStar for Windows.

There is a 'template' for this file in the WordStar for Windows installation directory (usually C:\WSWIN) called WSWINI.TXT.


WordStar for Windows Mail List Starts With a Creating Index Error Message

Creating Index Error: There is not enough space to create the index on drive \


Possible causes of, and solutions to Windows GPF errors when using WordStar for Windows  with Microsoft Windows 3.1.

General Protection Fault Check List

Using WordStar for Windows With Microsoft Windows 3.1

  1. Check the AUTOEXEC.BAT file for two lines:

    1. SET WSWWORK=x for WordStar for Windows temporary files
    2. SET TEMP=y for Windows temporary files.


WordStar for windows shipped before Word for Windows 6.0 was released. Word for Windows 6.0 had a different file format to its predecessor, Word for Windows 2.0.

To allow WordStar for Windows to open Word for Windows 6.0 documents Softkey (the then owners of WordStar for Windows 2.0) released a beta version of a Word for Windows 6.0 import filter. This filter was never completed and no export option became available.


WordStar for Windows Y2K millennium bug details and solutions