All versions of WordStar for Windows appear for sale from time-to-time, but unless you want to run it on Windows 3.0, or you're a collector, it is recommended that you only buy WordStar for Windows 2.0.

Free Downloads

Forget it! No version of WordStar for DOS or for Windows, is legally available for free download from anywhere! Don't waste your time asking for a free copy because you won't get one.


One of the places to find WordStar for Windows is on the eBay on-line auction at If you search the item descriptions as well titles you can sometimes find things that are poorly titled, but it can also throw up lots of spurious items as well - like upgrade offers to other programs.

One problem on eBay is that WordStar for Windows 2.0 is sometimes confusingly advertised as follows:

WordStar for Windows 3.1. The advertiser is splitting the name at the wrong place: WordStar - for Windows 3.1, instead of giving the program its correct name: WordStar for Windows (which runs on Windows 3.1). The last version of WordStar for Windows was version 2.0, so don't be mislead into thinking there was a version 3.1 - there wasn't!

WordStar for Windows 95 version 2.0. The advertiser is using the fact that the box has a sticker saying that the program works with Windows 95 as an excuse for suggesting that this is a Windows 95 version - it is NOT. There never has been a Windows 95 version of WordStar for Windows

So if you already have WordStar for Windows 2.0 don't buy it unless you want a second copy. If you have WordStar for Windows versions 1.0, 1.1, or 1.5, or Xoom Word Pro then it may be worth buying; you'll be getting WordStar for Windows 2.0.