After installing the WordStar Command Emulator you need to enter your registered user details that will have been provided in an email message. Doing this will remove the registration reminder screen and enhance your experience of the WordStar Command Emulator.

To enter your details, follow the steps below:

  1. After installing the WordStar Command Emulator (detailed elsewhere), start Microsoft Word and confirm that the WordStar Command Emulator welcome screen briefly displays. This confirms the correct installation of the Wordstar Command Emulator.
  2. In Word, click the Add-Ins tab
  3. Scroll the ribbon to the left, using the arrow at its right end, until the icon and title About WordSTAR Command Add-In comes into view
  4. Click About WordSTAR Command Add-In to open the Help, About the WordStar Command Emulator screen
  5. In the About the WordStar Emulator screen, click the Register button
  6. Enter the details from your registration email into the User name and Serial No boxes, and then click OK

Your registration details will be saved and you should now see your details in the welcome screen whenever you start Microsoft Word