The text below is taken from the original WordStar International (then owners of WordStar for Windows) release announcement (WSWIN1.5.TXT) for WordStar for Windows 1.5.

Note: The program is no-longer available except on the second user or surplus market; also note that the contact number and pricing details no-longer apply.


WordStar International
July 17, 1992

WordStar for Windows Release 1.5
Product Description File

  1. About WordStar for Windows 1.5
    a. General Description
    b. History and Origin
    c. Platform
    d. System Requirements

  2. WordStar for Windows 1.5 Availability
    a. Release Date
    b. Price
    c. Ordering Information (Phone and Times)
    d. Current Bundles

  3. Features
    a. New Features
    b. General Features


a. WordStar for Windows Release 1.5 is the second major release of WSWin. Improvements have been made to the product in the areas of reliability, stability and performance, along with improved functionality for tables. Support for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), TrueType, and Drag and Drop Launching have been added, and graphics import filters have been improved. Finally, the tutorial has been revised to make learning the program easier, and the Getting Started, What's New, User Guide books have been consolidated into a single manual.

b. WordStar for Windows was developed from the NBI Legacy code base. Release 1.0 was made available in October 1, 1991; it was designed to combine high-end word processing features with easy-to-use desktop publishing capabilities. WordStar for Windows Release 1.5 is a further refinement of this idea.

c. WordStar for Windows Release 1.5 requires Windows 3.0 or 3.1; the latter is recommended.

d. WordStar for Windows Release 1.5 requires a minimum of 2MB; 4MB is preferred. An additional 1MB is needed to use DDE, and another 1MB for each application sharing links with WordStar for Windows. A minimum of 5MB disk space is required; 11MB is needed for the full installation (all tutorials, filters, and templates). An additional 1.6 MB is needed to add Correct Grammar for Windows.


a. WordStar for Windows Release 1.5 became available June 23, 1992.

b. The full retail price is $119. The price for upgrading from a previous version is $29.95 plus $5.50 shipping and handling in the U.S.

c. The upgrade can be ordered by calling toll-free (800) 227-5609, Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. If you currently use WordStar for Windows 1.0, and have experienced any software problem that could not be resolved by WordStar technical support, please send a request by CompuServe Mail to James Burton 76702,334, including serial number, address information, and disk format, and a WordStar for Windows Release 1.5 package will be sent to you at no charge.

d. The WordStar for Windows Release 1.5 update package includes the necessary disks, What's New and Getting Started booklets, Correct Grammar for Windows 2.0, and Correct Writing Guide for Windows.


a. NEW IN WORDSTAR FOR WINDOWS RELEASE 1.5 ________________________________________

OLE. Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), a new Windows 3.1 feature, has been incorporated into WSWin 1.5. Using OLE, you can drop a spreadsheet right into your WordStar for Windows document; when it's time to change the spreadsheet, double-clicking it brings up Excel (or whatever application created the spreadsheet). No need to save the document, exit WSWin, load Excel, open the file, etc.

COMMON DIALOGS. In this release of WSWin, we implemented the Windows 3.1 Common Dialogs for File Access (New, Open, Save As, Import, Export), making it easier to search your hard disk for files you have forgotten the name or location of.

TRUETYPE. In Windows 3.1, Microsoft has adopted TrueType as a font standard. WSWin 1.5 supports TrueType fonts and also automatically maps (converts) the fonts from your old WSWin 1.0 documents into a comparable font under TrueType.

DRAG AND DROP LAUNCHING. This feature makes it easier to start WSWin after locating your file with File Manager. Just drag the file name out of File Manager onto the WSWin icon, double-click, and you are editing your document.

NEW GRAPHICS IMPORT FILTERS. GIF and Lotus PIC formats can now be imported. We have replaced the Legacy import engine with a new one that conforms to the Aldus Graphics Import Mechanism. Now, high-resolution color import filters for TIFF and PCX files import a 24-bit color image in all of its splendor.

REVISED TUTORIAL. There are twenty-nine sections in the new Tutorial, each of which is designed to get the new user up and running quickly. Tutorial sections include Getting Started, Working with Frames, Working with Graphics, and other key sections.


As in version 1.0, WordStar for Windows combines high-end word processing features with advanced page layout functions and connectivity tools. For those not familiar with version 1.0, a description of the program's features follows.

Text features include indexing, tables of contents, up to 15 user-definable lists, and dynamic references, as well as WYSIWYG editing of text, graphics, and layout at 25 to 200 percent magnification. WordStar 7.0 or WordStar 2000 keystroke accelerators and auto-conversion of WordStar 7.0 and WordStar 2000 files are available.

Page layout features include dynamic, movable rulers, drop caps, bullets and frame captions. Typographical controls include leading, kerning and tracking to an accuracy of 1/1000th of an em. The program's color wheel displays RGB, CMY and HSI color models and print text, graphics, tables and borders in up to 16.7 million custom colors. Objects can be positioned precisely and linked, layered, floated and resized as needed. Table generation tools that allow up to three levels of column subdivision can create tables of up to 45" by 45", spanning multiple pages.

In the area of connectivity, WordStar for Windows provides auto-recognition and conversion of over 50 word processing and text file formats and 12 graphics file formats. The product provides DDE-like connectivity to DOS files, and advanced DDE support as both a client and server to other Windows applications. Novell Netware, 3Com 3+Open, 3Com 3+Share, IBM PC LAN, Microsoft Networks and Banyan VINES are supported.

Graphics can be created and imported easily, and cropped, scaled, grouped, ungrouped, aligned and rotated in one degree increments. Imported object-oriented graphics can be edited using a variety of drawing tools based on Micrografx Designer 3.1. The product supports DRW, TIFF, BMP, EPS, PIX, MacPaint, WMF, PLT, PCX and CGM formats. Also, graphics and text can be stretched and compressed vertically and horizontally. The graphics line/fill bar offers 34 fill patterns and 16 line types.

WordStar for Windows provides WordStar for Windows offers a complete Windows Help facility, along with context-sensitive Help and a complete online interactive tutorial that walks you through every major aspect of the program. The tutorial knows when you make a mistake, and guides you through the steps needed to correct it.