This page lists the WordStar for Windows files that are saved in the Windows directory.



This file is the WordStar for Windows initialisation file and is used to hold most of the common settings and user preferences for the program. The file is plain text and contains an explanation of each of the possible settings as well as those settings that are active.


This file may only exist if you've changed menu or button bar settings. The file isn't directly editable and so should only be changed through the Tools, Customize menu Toolbox, Menus, or Keystrokes dialogs.


The file is the WordStar for Windows import/export filter list and settings. You shouldn't normally edit this file.


This file contains a list of files and filters installed.


This is the WordStar for Windows Mail List program's initialisation file. This is quite simple and in plain text. If this file is missing or damage it can cause the WordStar for Windows Mail List program to report a Creating Index error message when the program is started.