Updates in version 1.1 of the WordStar Command Emulator

Block function updates

These updates vastly improve the usability of the Add-In. They also improve the separation between the Add-In and Microsoft Windows.

  1. Screen jumping reduced/eliminated.
  2. Adding ^KB or ^KK marker - if the other exists will now highlight the block until the cursor is moved. ^KB must now precede ^KK as in WordStar - this was not necessary in version 1.0.
  3. ^QB and ^QK, in addition to going to the block start/end will now re-highlight the block.
  4. Following ^KC or ^KV the copied/moved block is highlighted. There is a side effect to this in that moving the cursor one position right now jumps you to the end of the block - rather than to its second character. (use left then right moves).
  5. Before ^KY deletes a block it will highlight it for 0.25 seconds.
  6. Block copies/moves no longer go via the Windows Clipboard. Use ^K] to copy to the Clipboard. Text selections made by methods other than by ^KB/^KK can still be copied to the Clipboard using ALT+C, etc.
  7. Corrected issuing of ^KV at either ^KB or ^KK or between them, the marker ^KB marker would be deleted. Now ignores the request, but re-highlights the block.
  8. ^KC when issued between the ^KB and ^KK markers no-longer allows the copy to take place (WordStar does allow this, as did version 1.0 of the Add-In). A warning message is displayed and the block is highlighted.

Non-visible to end user changes

  1. ^QA and ^QF now use different scheme to load default word.
  2. New sub-routine added to combine block-highlighting functions from set and goto marker subs (wsHighlightBlock).
  3. General code tidy up.