If you are still using a version of Microsoft Word for Windows that pre-dates Word 97 these versions don't support Microsoft's Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and so the WordStar Command Emulator won't work in these versions. However, there are at least two replacement Normal.dot templates that will give you basic WordStar navigation commands.

The first option is a replacement Normal.dot template created by Ken Muldrew that is available for download. This program should work with all versions of Word for Windows. It has the basic navigation diamond plus its 'quick' accelerators. It also has the WordStar delete functions and pseudo WordStar block commands, pseudo since they work in a Windows, rather than WordStar way.

There is also a better known replacement for Word's Normal.dot produced by science fiction writer Rob Sawyer. This can be found on CompuServe (GO WORDSTAR). It is in general circulation, so if you don't have CompuServe access you may be able to find it elsewhere. Unfortunately, Rob hasn't consented to a link being made available on this site.

For both of these Word templates I would recommend the following:

  1. First and foremost - back-up your own Normal.dot BEFORE installing them. Your Normal.dot contains all of your styles, customisations, and auto-text entries. If you overwrite it they WILL be lost!
  2. Secondly, rename these templates to something else - WS.dot, for example.
  3. Thirdly, either use them by creating a new document and selecting the template from the template selection dialog (install these templates in your ''other'' documents templates folder), or try installing it in the same way as the WordStar Command Emulator.