In some versions of Microsoft Outlook you can set Microsoft Word as the email editor. This article explains which versions support this and whether the WordStar commands provided by the WordStar Command Emulator can be used.

Outlook Express

The WordStar Command Emulator won't work with Outlook Express because Word can't be set as the editor in this version of Outlook.

Outlook 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, and XP

If you set Word to be the email editor in Outlook the WordStar Command Emulator's WordStar commands will be available in Outlook. However, Outlook overrides the WordStar commands ^D and ^F (Outlook Delete and Forward).

It has been reported that using an additional add-in at the same time restores these two commands. The additional add-in will generate '>' characters at the start of each line, and is very simple.

How this helps is not known, but 'E-mail' can be downloaded from:

Outlook 2007, and 2010

Word cannot be set as the editor in these later versions of Outlook, which uses a cut-down version of Word as the editor. This cut-down version of Word doesn't accept VBA macros, which is how the WordStar Command Emulator is programmed. This means that the WordStar commands will not be available in these versions of Outlook. The work-around is to use Word to write your emails, and then copy the text and then paste it into Outlook.