This article lists all of the commands available in the trial (un-registered) version of the WordStar Command Emulator version 1.4. There are more commands available in the full (registered) version of the WordStar Command Emulator. You can compare the commands available in each version of the WordStar Command Emulator.

The WordStar Command Emulator also customises the Word pull-down menus so that they closely follow the menus in WordStar 7.0d.

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Keystroke Command
^A Word Left
^B Para Down (doesn't copy formatting as in WordStar)
^C Page Down
^D Character Right
^E Line Up
^F Word Right
^G Delete Right
^H Backspace Delete
^K1~3 Insert Bookmark
^Q1~3 Go To Bookmark
^QC End of Document
^QD End of Line
^QE Start of Window (Top Left)
^QR Start of Document
^QS Start of Line
^QX End of Window (Bottom Right)
^QY Delete to End of Line
^R Page Up
^S Character Left
^T Delete Word
^W Scroll Window Up
^X Line Down
^Y Delete Line
^Z Scroll Window Down
Non-WS, but useful extra Commands
ALT+A Edit Select All
ALT+B Toggle Bold
ALT+C Copy to Windows Clipboard
ALT+F,O File Open (Windows standard keystroke)
ALT+S File Save
ALT+V Paste from Windows Clipboard
ALT+X Cut to Windows Clipboard
Note: ALT+V clashes with the View menu. Therefore, use ALT+F, RIGHT ARROW to select View. Also ALT+B clashes with the Table menu - use ALT+W,LEFT ARROW to select Table.