This page lists Y2K issues with WordStar for DOS.

Note: All information is given in good faith. You should make your own checks and assure yourself that your software and hardware are compliant. Links may have changed or expired since this information was first collated.


If one of the WordStar files is corrupted or accidentally deleted a new copy can be installed without doing a complete reinstallation of WordStar. This guide tells you how to restore a single file.

The disks in the WordStar package are compressed, so if you need to re-instal a single file from the installation disks you will need to decompress it from the appropriate disk. This can be done by following the instructions below.


Using Page Preview Causes Windows to Resize WordStar Window; also, WordStar window too tall or too short, and Windows changes the font size of the WordStar window

Applies to all versions of WordStar and Windows - example given is WordStar 7 and Windows 98.


WordStar for DOS printing drivers, and solutions