WordStar Installation Fails with Can't find WSSETUP.OVR Error Message

When trying to install WordStar 7.x the installation fails with an error message: Can't find WSSETUP.OVR. WSSETUP.OVR is on the installation disk.


You are trying to install using the command WSINSTALL instead of WSSETUP.


The Install Files are on Floppy Disks

To install WordStar from the floppy disks you need to run the command WSSETUP. This command expects the files to be in either drive A or B

The Install Files are on the Hard Disk

If you have copied all your floppy disks to a single directory on your hard disk you will need to change into this directory in DOS and then use the command WSINSTALL /A to tell WordStar to look for all files in the current directory.

WINSTALL in all other cases is for monitor and other system configuration and should be run (without the /A switch) after running WSSETUP.