WordStar for DOS 3.x Cannot Save Files When Run in Windows 9x and Me

Opening WordStar 3.3 from a Win9x DOS window appears to work but you cannot save altered files. Exiting Win9x and rebooting in Command Prompt Only mode works.


When Inset has been used to insert graphics in a WordStar file the file won't print under Windows.


Turn OFF Print Spooling for this printer used with WordStar. If you don't use Inset the spooling can be left in its default ON setting.


WordStar Installation Fails with Can't find WSSETUP.OVR Error Message

When trying to install WordStar 7.x the installation fails with an error message: Can't find WSSETUP.OVR. WSSETUP.OVR is on the installation disk.


You are trying to install using the command WSINSTALL instead of WSSETUP.


How to Set WordStar to Use More Than a 25-Line Display

WordStar can be set to show more than the default 25 lines of 80 characters each; some of which will be consumed by WordStar's menus, status line, and line status indicators.

There are two stages to needed to set this under Microsoft Windows:

  1. Set WordStar to use more lines
  2. Set the Windows' DOS window to use more lines. The steps for this are slightly different for Windows 9x, and for Windows XP


The hot keys used to run your macro programs in WordStar 7 for DOS stop functioning.


There are two possible reasons for this problem:

  1. The hot key buffer size (HANMAX) is too small.
  2. The WSHOTKEY.OVR file is corrupt.


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