Write&Set is a full-featured wordprocessing program with hyphenation, contents creation, footnotes, index, embedding of graphics and a lot more.



Write&Set is an alternative type of word processing program for people who don't like Microsoft Word-like programs. Word processing with Write&Set divides the job of producing a document into two parts: editing unformatted text and then formatting and printing it. These two parts are done by separate programs: WSedit is the 'editor' and WSformat the 'typesetter'. This concept simplifies word processing and enables you to compile a single document with hundreds of pages without any problems. Nevertheless, both programs are designed to work together like a single program.


WSEdit is Wordstar 4 like Freeware Editor which reads Wordstar 4-7 and ASCII (ISO and IBM codepage) and writes Wordstar 4 and ASCII format.


WSformat is a shareware formatting and printing program for Wordstar and WSedit files.

After a limited number of uses without registering WSformat you won't be able to format documents which are longer than 4 pages; registering removes this limitation. This is the only Shareware limitation.


Hypermake is a command line compiler, which can also be run from the WSFormat menu (Make - RTF, Make - HTML) to convert WS files to RTF (Rich Text Format) and HTML (for web pages) respectively, is also supplied with Write&Set. The WSformat registration key can be also used for this program. For more details visit the Hypermake Web site.

Write&Set versions are available for Windows 9x, NT, 2000, and XP, and for OS/2; a Linux version is planned. For more details and downloads (approx 1.3Mb) visit theWrite&Set Web site.

Based on information provided by Martin Vieregg, author of Write&Set.