Video Mode Summary

^O Insertion ON/OFF RUB Delete Character Left
^S Cursor Left Character ^G Delete Character Right
^D Cursor Right Character ^\ Delete Word Left
^A Cursor Left Word ^T Delete Word Right
^F Cursor Right Word ^U Delete Line Left
^Q Cursor Right Tab ^K Delete Line Right
^E Cursor Up Line ^Y Delete Whole Line
^X Cursor Down Line ^I Put Tab in File
^^ Cursor Top/Bottom (^HOME) ^N Put CRLF in File
^L Cursor Right/Left ^@ Do Next Character 4X
^W File Down 1 Line ^P Next Character in File
^Z File Up 1 Line ^V Video Control
^R File Down Screen ESC Exit Video Mode
^C File Up Screen ^J Display Command Help

Command Mode Summary


+- means + or - allowed here, + assumed if omitted
@ means Carriage Return or Lline Feed necessary here
$ means ESC or ^Z or Carriage Return necessary here
n means A number, 1 assumed if omitted, # = 65535


+-nC Move n Characters +-nD Delete n Characters
+-nL Move n Lines +-nK Kill (Delete) n Lines
+-nT Type n Lines nZ Sleep n Seconds
+-nP Move, Type n Pages +-n@ Move n Lines, Type 1


nItext$ Insert text n Times
I@ Enter Insert Mode (ESC OR ^Z Exits Mode)
A@, nAtext$ (Append) do 1 Line then just like Insert
n<....> Loop: Repeat .... n Times (Default = 65535)


+-nFkey$ (Find) Short Search for key n Times
+-nNkey$ (Next) Long Search for key n Times
+-nSkey$text$ Substitute After Short Search n Times
+-nRkey$text$ (Replace) Substitute After Long Search
/F,/N,/S,/R Same, except Exit <..> or QX if not found


^N CRLF inside text or key ^Y ESC inside text or key
^A Matches ANY in key ^A Matches Seperator in key
^OX Matches NOT X in key    

Read/Write (File)

Y[d:]name.typ$ (Yank) Reards file in at cursor
nW[d:]name.typ$ Write n Lines into the file named

Read/Write (Editing Buffer)

nQP Put n Lines into Q Buffer, Delete from file
n/QP Append n Lines to Q Buffer, Delete from file
nQG (Get) Copy Q Buffer into file n Times
QT Type Q Buffer
QK (Kill) Clear Q Buffer
QX Execute Commands in Q Buffer
QLtext$ (Load) Put text into Q Buffer
n/QLtext$ Append text to Q Buffer n times


V Enter Video Mode N! Put Character Code n into File
; All following is comment E End Edit
H End Edit and Start Over Q (Quit) Abandon Edit
O Return to Original File ^Q Display Help File