WordStar for Windows went out of production in 1994. Since then the company that last produced the program, SoftKey International, has been involved in several mergers. All versions of WordStar are currently owned by The Learning Company (TLC).

Due to the age of the program, and the time lapse since it was last sold by Softkey international, TLC have withdrawn most of the support material from their own Web site. Most of the WordStar for windows support used to be provided by Softkey via the Compuserve WordStar forum, but this is now solely a WordStar user's group.

Support Resources

The WordStar Resource Site!

The WordStar Resource Site! is one of the main WordStar resources and covers both DOS and Windows versions of WordStar and is also the home site for the WordStar Command Emulator for Microsoft Word 97 and later.

WordStar Discussion Boards

The WordStar Resource Site Forums cover all WordStar topics including support for the WordStar Command Emulator for Microsoft Word.

WordStar Mail List at Yahoo Groups

WordStar Mail List at Yahoo Groups is part of The WordStar Resource Site, ad was originally created to support the WordStar Emulator for Microsoft Word to keep that discussion off the mail WordStar Mail List (see below); however, the Yahoo Groups Mail List is now the main mail list WordStar discussion group.

Paul Lankow's WordStar for Windows site

Paul Lankow created one of the earliest WordStar for Windows Web sites. This has now disappeared, but most of the information from the site has been transferred to the WordStar Resource Site.

Phillip Griffin-Allwood's WordStar site

Phillip Griffin-Allwood ran a general WordStar site covering both DOS and Windows versions of the program. This site has several useful macros and suggestions for adding features to WordStar for Windows. Phillip was also a WordStar for DOS printing expert, and the site contains many of his printing solutions. Sadly Phil is no longer with us. Visit Phillip Griffin-Allwood's WordStar site.

The WordStar User's Group

The WordStar Users' Group at cuenet was a long standing email-based discussion group, with Discussion that could get heated at times, and covered all computing topics, not just WordStar. Sadly the group no longer exists.

The Learning Company

The Learning Company's WordStar for Windows support was disbanded some years ago and transferred to The WordStar Resourse Site to maintain. Most of the original TLC and Softkey support files are now hosted here.

CompuServe WordStar Forum

CompuServe's WordStar Forum become part of the Vintage Computing Forum, which is now part of the App Support Forum CompuServe used to be the main focus for WordStar on-line support consequently it had an extensive file archive, may of these files are now available at The Wordstar resource Site. The CompuServe Forum is open to non-Compuserve members.

WordStar Mail List

The WordStar Users' Group Mail List (above) at cuenet was taken over by the Web site, which is also defunct. This was a very active list that covered all versions of WordStar and many other related, and not-so-related topics.