The unregistered add-in is a fully functioning program that offers the basic WordStar navigation keystroke set (the WordStar Diamond) plus its ^Q accelerators and some menu customisations. The keystroke command set is much more limited than the commands available in the registered version.

The evaluation version does not entitle you to any support. The evaluation version will also remind you that it isn't registered after you change the document you''re working on and use any of the ^Q accelerators keys. Should you wish to continue using it after 60 days you MUST This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The registered version includes over 100 of the most commonly used WordStar commands, plus a few extra ALT Key combinations and more complete WordStar 7.0d style Command Pull-Down Menus. The registered version also entitles you to support and free minor upgrades.

Both versions are Shareware and you are bound by the licence included with the program.

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